The Accreditation Process

To earn and maintain accreditation from NCA CASI or SACS CASI, schools must:

  1. Meet the AdvancED Standards and Policies for Quality Schools. Schools demonstrate adherence to the AdvancED standards and policies which describe the quality practices and conditions that research and best practice indicate are necessary for schools to achieve quality student performance and organizational effectiveness.
  2. Engage in continuous improvement. Schools implement a continuous improvement process that articulates the vision and purpose the school is pursuing (vision); maintains a rich and current description of students, their performance, school effectiveness, and the school community (profile); employs goals and interventions to improve student performance (plan); and documents and uses the results to inform what happens next (results).
  3. Demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review. Schools engage in a planned process of ongoing internal review and self-assessment. In addition, schools host an external Quality Assurance Review Team once every five years. The team evaluates the school’s adherence to the AdvancED quality standards, assesses the efficacy of the school’s improvement process and methods for quality assurance, and provides commendations and required actions to help the school improve. The team provides an oral exit report to the school and a written report detailing the team’s required actions. The school acts on the team’s required actions and submits a progress report following the review.

NCA CASI and SACS CASI accreditation engages the entire school community in a continuous process of self evaluation and improvement. The overall aim is to help schools be the best they can be on behalf of the students they serve.

Bent Tree Child Development Center Commendations

The Quality Assurance Review Team commends the school for the following strengths and accomplishments. While additional strengths are noted in the detailed review of each standard that appears later in this report, the commendations listed below are the strengths that the team believes are most deserving of being highlighted.

  • The school’s climate and culture reflect a warm, caring, strong family support system where the staff works as a team and are dedicated to the best interests of the children.

The school is committed and involved in building successful relationships with all stakeholders. Staff interviews revealed a high respect for the school’s leadership team. Great value is placed on the relationships that exist among all stakeholders.

Engaging and actively involving stakeholders in meaningful relationships strengthens academic programs and builds understanding and support for school improvement.

  • The center fosters effective communications and works to build strong relationships with and among stakeholders.

Interviews with stakeholders revealed that school personnel continuously seek opportunities for communication and collaboration. Teachers communicate effectively with each other. The center has developed multiple forms of communication assuring that the parents are well informed regarding the child’s progress and achievement such as daily communication journals, emails and parent conferences.

Effective communication ensures stakeholder support for future improvement.

  • The school has a leadership team that advocates for the school’s vision and improvement efforts.

Stakeholder interviews verify that the school has strong leadership with a hands-on director who is very involved with the daily operations of the school and is well supported by a strong leadership team. Teachers interviewed commented on the clear leadership and shared responsibilities. One parent stated that the leadership team of the school is very approachable and takes action quickly to improve the school.

Leadership is one of the greatest determinants of student performance under the control of the school.

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