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I have 2 girls at Bent Tree Child Development Center.  One is almost 4 and the other is almost 2.  They have both been enrolled since they were 18 months.  I have observed their classes on numerous occasions and I have never seen a more caring, engaging environment. The teachers work with the children on both a group and an  individual basis meeting all of their learning needs, and the hugs and smiles are endless.

Prior to Bent Tree the girls were at a different school but I knew I wanted to move them to an environment that would constantly engage them in learning. I could tell immediately a change in their attitudes and overall demeanor. They were happy, talking about what they did at school, who they played with and singing songs… all of which I did not see prior to their time at Bent Tree.  The time spent at Bent Tree has helped my oldest daughter with her confidence as a student, her skills at being independent in a classroom setting and her ability to succeed.  My girls have been exposed to many different experiences while at Bent Tree. The school has great play areas, both inside and out, computers and several things, like dance and gymnastics, for the kids to participate in.  In addition, the children are exposed to a variety of cultures and age groups.

We found a home away from home for our girls. What more could you ask for – a group of people to love your children and help them grow and learn. I would recommend anyone send their child to Bent Tree. I know that every school may not be right for every child, but Bent Tree was perfect for us!

Bent Tree Parent

The last three years our expectations have been far exceeded by the amazing faculty and staff at Bent Tree.  We were looking for a place that wraps their arms around my daughter and prepares her emotionally and mentally for primary school.  In addition to the academic excellence and open court curriculum, they are an extremely humble organization that makes an effort to know each individual child and parent by name.

Jennifer G.

Bent Tree provides our three children with the most comprehensive academic, social, and extracurricular environment.  Each day, my kids learn so much, while being provided with the perfect balance of structure and independence.   We travel quite a distance each day because of the advanced learning, and the incomparable warmth of the teachers and staff to whom we confidently entrust our children every day.

Heather B.

I can’t say thank you enough for all you guys do for our children!  It is a great comfort for me to know that my children are happy and have formed a bond with their teachers, as well as their classmates.  Every week I am amazed by the development changes in both children!  I’m happy to say that each day I can worry less because I know they are well loved and cared for by the staff at Bent Tree!

Thank you!

Tara J.

I am so grateful for the opportunity you have provided for the monthly Parent Night. As busy parents it’s all too often that we focus all of our energies into our children and other vital responsibilities (which is how it should be) but sometimes we don’t take time out to invest in our partners, which is equally as important.

One of my personal goals this year was to make a monthly date night with my husband and I was happily surprised to learn about Parent’s Night Out. We have very few family members in the area who can watch our precious little one, so this is a gift we can look forward to each month. It gives us a time to reconnect and enjoy quality one-on-one time while having the peace of mind that our son is in great hands, in a place that he loves. That means more to us than you know. The price is extremely reasonable and includes dinner and activities. We know our child is safe and happy and we also have the chance to enjoy a night out on the town. And, when parents are happy, our kids are happy too. It’s a win-win situation.

I truly encourage other parents to take advantage of the opportunity and to share this monthly event with friends and family. It would be great to continue this wonderful event and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this event possible. We appreciate your efforts!


Olivia, Andy, and Alejandro

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