Level 2 Preschool

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Level 2 Preschool

Age Range:
2 - 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Language Skills

Social Development

Physical Fitness

Level 2 Preschool curriculum provides learning opportunities for academic, personal and social growth. Hands-on learning through classroom centers uses developmentally appropriate practices that promote the current early brain research.

Children in Level 2 Preschool must be at least 2 years of age by September 1st. There are 8 children in each classroom with one teacher. These classrooms are Room Numbers 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Level 2 Preschool’s day begins at 9:30am with Greetings, Songs, and Stories known as “Circle Time”. If your child has trouble with separation, we strongly suggest that you arrive early enough prior to circle time to allow for that transition from home to school. Our early childhood program fosters consistent daily routines, and we ask for sensitivity to our class start times for reduced disruption for your child, the teacher, and other children.

Family Style Serving and Meal Schedules include a morning snack at 9:00am, lunch at 11:00am, and afternoon snack at 3:00pm. Children need to arrive by 9:00am to participate in morning snack. Naptime is from 12:30-2:30pm. Each child may bring ONE sleep friend and a small cover. Nap blankets are sent home each Friday to be washed and should be returned on Monday.

For the First Day, parents are asked to bring nap blankets, an extra set of clothing to keep at school, and grooming items to include: hair brush, toothbrush & holder, toothpaste, wipes and diapers or pull-ups with tabs (if applicable), and sunscreen. Each child also needs a communication notebook. All items must be labeled with the child’s first and last name and we remind you of our closed toe and heel shoe policy to minimize falls – No wearing of sandals, clogs, dress shoes or boots please.

The classroom “Parent Board” is located inside the classroom for upcoming “Events” and Important Communication from your teacher. The Bulletin Board located in the hall outside the classroom will have a copy of the weekly lesson plan, a current menu and the class schedule for your child’s classroom.

Children are merged in the morning or afternoon to another Level 2 Preschool classroom when their teacher is not present. A Merge Schedule is posted on the classroom Parent Board for your convenience. During Holiday Weeks in December, your child may be merged to another Level 2 Preschool classroom to allow for the teacher’s vacation schedule.

Remember to read your child’s notebook and respond as often as you choose. We feel we are partners with you in your child’s educational journey and the best way to reach success is to communicate. Conferences are scheduled twice yearly and may be scheduled any time as necessary.

Level 2 Preschool will be a wonderful experience for your child. Please feel free to call or stop by if you have questions regarding the school’s daily program. We will strive to provide the quality of excellence that you are expecting and Thank You for entrusting your child with us through their early childhood journey.