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Age Range:
4 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Science & Social Studies

Social Development

Music & Rhythm

Imaginative Play

Your child is approaching an exciting milestone and the adventure of a lifetime! Our fun and challenging Pre-Kindergarten program is designed specifically to promote his readiness for learning, assurance in social situations and a mastery of many fine and gross motor skills; all of which will benefit him when he moves into the school arena. Our skilled and nurturing teachers will offer a variety of both independent and cooperative learning opportunities as well as provide for generous outdoor playtime to ensure his future academic success.

Language Arts

Reading and Writing Readiness-Open Court

  • Phonemic awareness (letter sounds)
  • Appreciation of literature
  • Listening comprehension skills
  • Identification of rhyming words
  • Increased attention span in a group
  • Oral expression of thoughts and opinions
  • Ability to identify upper and lower case letters
  • Recognition of some words
  • Control of pencils, crayons
  • Copying letters and words
  • Recognition/ability to write first and last names


Customized early childhood Foreign Language program

  • Enjoyment of Spanish songs, dances, and traditions
  • Ability to recognize Spanish sounds as non-English
  • Basic Spanish commands and phrases
  • Colors, numbers, shapes, and common objects


Hands-on, Sensory Math experiences – Saxon Math

Saxon Math is a math program that is used for all Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. It is a success-oriented program that enables all children to develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of all areas of mathematics.  This program utilizes a multi-sensory approach to teaching, which allows much opportunity for hands-on exploration of various manipulatives.  A complete guide and sets of manipulatives are checked out to each Pre-K and Kindergarten class for the academic school year.

  • One to one correspondence
  • Recognition of numerals 0-9
  • Ability to put parts together to form a whole
  • Numeration and rote counting
  • Patterns, sequencing
  • Number combinations
  • Money
  • Calendar skills
  • Rote counting 0-20

Bent-Tree-Play-HouseEmotional Development and Social Etiquette

Customized Social Etiquette Program

  • Cooperation with adults and peers
  • Polite phrasing and tone in daily communication
  • Positive attitude about learning
  • Self-control, independent work habits
  • Assumption of personal responsibility
  • Using appropriate table manners
  • Using speaking and listening skills to solve problems and conflicts
  • Learning to care for materials, equipment and people
  • Appropriate participation in a group setting

Additional time for Music & Rhythm, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Imaginative Play, Cooking, and Art