Private Kindergarten

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Private Kindergarten

Age Range:
5 - 6 years
Areas of Learning:

Language Arts/Open Court Reading

Saxon Mathematics

Science & Social Studies

Computer Readiness

Creative Expression

The Private Kindergarten program at Bent Tree Child Development Center consists of instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Readiness, and Creative Expression through Art.

Language Arts/Open Court Reading

The Language Arts Program is designed to meet and challenge children at their individual levels.  Each child will participate in a combination of Phonics and Whole Language instruction, including learning basic sight words.  The  children will be involved in Journal Writing each day.  The Open Court Reading Program is an innovative program which has been very successful, and used in many area private schools.

Saxon Math

The Saxon Math Program is an exciting “cutting-edge” program.  It is an effective program, which teaches basic skills and helps develop a solid understanding of numbers.  Manipulative’s are used to implement hands-on learning.   Mathematics today is not so much what the answer is, but what the strategies are to find the answer!


The “Full Option Science System”, or “FOSS,” advocates firsthand experience with objects and organisms, and intellectual challenges that exercise the mind and help students construct and organize knowledge about the working of the world.  One of the keys to successful science experiences for early childhood students is providing them with opportunities for free exploration.  Science is also a rich content area for developing language concepts and vocabulary.

Social Studies

Our social studies units will be integrated throughout the basic Kindergarten curriculum.  We study calendar events as well as historical events, along with responsibility, respect, sharing, using words to solve conflicts, appropriate ways to direct anger, and understanding the rules of the group.

Computer Readiness

All children have many different learning styles and possess “Multiple Intelligence’s”.  We, at Bent Tree, are charged with the responsibility of nurturing as many of these styles and strengths as we possibly can.  We are committed as a school and staff to offer children every resource available to enhance the learning experience.  Children will be introduced to many different pieces of educational software throughout the year.


Bent Tree incorporates the D’Nealian Handwriting Program into the Kindergarten curriculum.  This program has been used successfully for many years in many schools. Our wish is to prepare children as best we can in every area for the requirements and expectations of the schools they will attend in First Grade.  This program introduces letters in groups that are formed by similar writing strokes.  Children will immediately write to communicate, rather than to try to repetitively copy single letters at length.  One of the hallmarks of the D’Nealian philosophy of handwriting is respect for individuality: if it is readable, it is acceptable as long as size, form, slant, and spacing are consistent.

Expression Through Art

Art is an area at Bent Tree in which children will be able to express themselves daily as creatively as they choose.  Many different mediums are used, and the children will be exposed to many different techniques.  Children’s creations are displayed regularly for viewing, as well as during our many special annual Art Exhibits.


Music, it has been shown, enhances early childhood learning.  At Bent Tree, we offer basic musical concepts such as rhythm and tonal difference.  This enables the child to be more successful if they later choose to play an instrument or sing.  The Music Program is incorporated throughout the daily curriculum in the Kindergarten classroom, and the children are exposed to a large variety of musical styles and themes.


The goal of the Bent Tree Spanish Program is to provide a basic exposure of the Spanish language and traditions in an early childhood setting through fun activities and music.  The weekly Spanish lesson consists of songs, arts and crafts, games, and acquisition of words such as nouns, verbs, numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, manners, days of the week, months of the year, and words for family members.


Bent Tree offers children a very thorough, innovative, and well-rounded curriculum.  This program has continually been re-evaluated, and as a result, has evolved and changed over time.  Our Kindergarten Program will continue to change as the needs of the children change.  We are committed to excellence and a quality education.  We address different learning styles through a diverse program.  We are very confident that our children will be more than prepared for the educational experiences in their future, because of the well-laid foundation provided by the rich and nurturing curriculum found in the Bent Tree Kindergarten classroom.